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About Us



We are:

We are a family business with 40 year old roots in Walnut Lumber industry.  Dad was the log buying Manager for Swords Veneer & Lumber Company.  The company specialized in walnut veneer which was sold globally. After the company was sold to an international firm dad finished his career as a walnut log buyer with David R. Webb Co.  I spent many days with dad: cruising (measuring and marking) standing timber; overseeing cutting: loading for truck or rail transport to the sawmill.

Our cabinet shop was started in 1985.  Our favorite woodworking is fine furniture especially heirloom period furniture.

We practice:

We practice the Biblical golden rule in our business.  We promise to treat you as we would like to be treated.  To provide honest descriptions and measures.  We will do whatever is necessary to make it right if our descriptions and measures are not accurate.  We understand that there is an element of trust when purchasing products, sight unseen, over the internet.  That trust is hard to gain and easily lost.  We strive to provide as much detail as possible so that you, the customer, can make an informed decision.

However, we have to presume, especially with lumber purchases, that the customer has some basic knowledge of lumber and woodworking.  Lumber, being a product of God’s creation, has defects.  Some are considered beautiful (figure) some are ugly (unsound knots).  NHLA grading rules were developed in part to address this.  If you have any questions about our products ask-ask-ask before you order.


This web site was started September, 2001.  Ah the marvel of technology!





Copyright (c) 2001 Swords Enterprises
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