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Box O Walnut Lumber

Box O Lumber offerings  include:

Box O Wides - Wider pieces, tend to be shorter
Box O Longs - Longer pieces, tend to be narrower
Box O Thick - Thickness 1.5" and up
Box O Mixed - Mixture of all of the above
In 50 lb shipping sizes

During production we generate lumber pieces which are not  economically feasible for our  use.  Still good lumber but too short, or narrow, etc. or otherwise unsuitable for our operations.

Meanwhile, we have received many requests for lumber for hobby, craft, carving, intarsia, turning, and other projects.  Due especially to the persistence of one individual we have added Box_O_Lumber  to our product offerings.  Thanks Stan J.!!!!!

Box O Lumber contents vary based on production.  Pieces are:

Surfaced or Rough (unsurfaced) 

Thickness from 1/4" to 3" Surfaced or 2/4 to 12/4 Rough - mostly 3/4" Surfaced and 4/4 Rough

Length from 2" to 48" - Width from 1/4" to 12" .  

Wider pieces tend to be shorter.  Longer pieces tend to be narrower.

Box O Lumber - 50 lbs.
Qty: Price: $37.50
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