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We use PayPal for online credit card and "e" payments.  The principle reasons for this are Security and Privacy.  PayPal does not disclose to us your private financial information nor do they �market� your information.  PayPal offers payment options other than Credit Card.  PayPal is very secure.  To our knowledge they have never been �hacked� or otherwise compromised.

Some people find Lumber Industry and Woodworking terminology to be quite daunting.  We provide Technical information and Order  Help to assist you with the ordering process.  These helps are also available via links in the item descriptions.

SLOW PAGE LOADING!:  The servers may respond slowly if there is heavy traffic.  An indication of this is that, after clicking a catalog link, the new page does not load, your browser indicates “busy”, the status line indicates “Web site found – waiting for reply”.  The new page load may be delayed substantially or may never occur.  

SOLUTION: Utilize the age old principle “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  Click the “Stop” button on your browser then re-click the desired link.  Wait 5-15 seconds, if the new page does not load repeat the process.  What you are doing is sending a “squeak” to the server (listen up server: I need your attention) causing the server to apply the “grease” (load the requested page).  Remember you are the MASTER!  HOWEVER - NEVER DO THIS- on the final order step or you may submit two orders or payments!!




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