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While we specialize in the “King of Cabinet Woods”, BLACK WALNUT (Juglans nigra) lumber, we do inventory other species and will be adding them to our site as time permits.

To insure quality, logs for our lumber came from this locale, rough sawn to our specifications, and air-dried at our warehouse to 9-11% MC.  We know where our lumber comes from and we know that the lumber was properly dried and stored.

We do not "steam" our lumber.  Steaming is an industry practice done for the benefit of the industry - not the woodworker.  Steaming allows the industry to sell Sapwood at Heartwood prices (i.e. sapwood is graded as heartwood).  As purists who desire the "old world" natural lumber we believe steaming grays and dulls the color palette of the lumber, reduces its patina, and reduces the beautiful grain contrast which makes Walnut Lumber the "King of Cabinet Woods"

Our lumber is from slow growth trees from Northeastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois.  This area is regarded as one of the best growing areas (for Black Walnut) in the world.  

We do not buy trees or lumber from private parties.  Nor do we buy trees from outside of our locale mentioned above


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