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Our Area

Whether for exquisite Gunstock blanks or Fine Furniture construction this area produces the finest Black Walnut in the world!

Black Walnut Lumber - Gunstock Blanks

The industry and the USDA Forest Service (Unites State Dept. Agriculture) geographically divides the Black Walnut growing range into regions, sub-regions, states, state-units, and counties.  Walnut buyers from the veneer and lumber companies also use an informal system making reference to “areas” which typically cross county and even state borders.  These areas have a subjective quality inference.  Quality factors such as growth rate (slower is better), color, insects (worminess), mineral streaking,  and any other nuances that effect the quality of the veneer/lumber, make one area better or worse then another.  What a buyer will pay for standing timber or logs from one area as versus another can vary by as much as 100%.

Our lumber was grown in Northeastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois timber stands (no urban or yard trees).  Timber from here is highly sought after and commands the highest price of the entire growing range.  Because of its reputation as the King of Cabinet Woods - USA buyers for black walnut timber must compete with buyers from around the globe. This includes countries from the Far East, Europe, Scandinavia, etc.  Nowhere is this competition more fierce than for walnut from Northeastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois.




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