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Almost all orders are shipped to your door via UPS.  Where UPS limitations are exceeded we use FedEx Freight. 

Lumber PAKS and some surfaced/dimensioned lumber are shipped in cardboard boxes.  All other lumber is shipped stretch wrapped.

There are UPS Limitations which have a direct bearing on shipping of lumber.  These are primarily Length and Girth limits which force us to limit lumber board length.  Please see UPS Limitations above.

Our E-Commerce software now calculates multiple UPS shipping methods in real time.  HOWEVER, the UPS provided software presumes the entire order is shipped in ONE package.  For orders over 150 lbs this will cause either an error or inaccurate calculation.  If this impacts you, email us for a manual calculation.  Also, given the weight of lumber some extremely heavy package weights can result.  We try work with this by asking you to establish your package weight limit during registration and to set notices in the shopping card about order weight.  Finally during order processing we email you if we suspect package weight may be a problem.




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